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Bounding lines are a facility on the edge of a roadway or on a distinguishing strip, with the aim of ensuring road safety by preventing the vehicle from going out of the road or being transmitted to the opposite zone. The purpose of the collision is to ensure the greatest possible safety in places where traffic-hazard situations may occur. According to the type of border and installation (e), travel, road or bridge, the requirements for fitting partitions must be monitored. The correct bounce transfer must be used on different roads and bridges, and the selection will be made in Estonia according to two instructions. The EVS-EN 1317 Standard and the guide to the road administration are used to ensure passive safety on roads by vehicle restraint systems.


In Europe, the boundary systems are produced and installed with A and B profiles. In Estonia, only A-profile limit systems are used in general. For this reason, the collision-peaks used in Estonia have a common appearance and are easier to maintain and improve. The remaining technical data shall be distinguished according to the circumstances and conditions, depending on the traffic density of roads and the level of safety.

The current meter price for the installation of the collision partitions depends on the system of the bounbings, the location of the object and the volume of the work.