Inten OÜ

IBAN: EE902200221061048194

Mounting and repair of the collision barrier


We carry out the installation, removal and repair of the bounce partitions. We install all sorts of bounded systems: W-profile ramble guards, metal-wood railings, wire ropes, concrete guards, drilled bridge rails, colliding wires, and terminals are available. By the piling method we install piles of different diameters and lengths, generally the rambling piles are ∑, C, O or V. If we do not have the corresponding nozzle available for stake rambling, we can order it or prepare it within 5-8 days. The maximum length of the Rammitava pile is 3.5 meters.


A pile that has been improperly installed or deformed as a result of an accident can be pulled out and replaced with a new one.


The hydraulic piles will move on its own, and this rubber crawler, without damaging the maneuvering of the hard paved roads or platse. In addition, the crawlers give the stake-level very good permeability on any ground. The precision of stake piling ensures the mast that is movable in each direction on the bumble surfaces.