Inten OÜ

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Inten OÜ takes the protection of personal data very seriously. When we visit our site, we do not usually require your information, except in situations where we comply with queries that you have committed. Below we explain the protection of your data in such situations. By visiting our page you agree to the following terms.


The following security policy applies only to the Inten online environment and does not extend to other pages, including pages that have access to the Inten environment or have an Inten OÜ logo. We ask you to consult the terms and conditions applicable there.


What information does Inten collect and how is it used?


We will collect your personal information (name, address, telephone, e-mail address) only if you choose to give them to us.


When visiting our online environment, we automatically collect information about your visit, which is non-personal (data on your computer, web browser and Internet services; In addition to the pages you visit, the time and date of your visit). This info will help us manage your pages based on your needs.


We use the collected data to respond to a query sent by you or by passing the service you have requested (newsletters, replying to price inquiries, posting catalogs, brochures, and product samples).


We may also use your personal data in the production of statistics and in keeping with the requirements of our online environment.


How does Inten collect information about me?


Cookie is a small file, a mile our internet environment can send to your browser and which is then stored on your hard drive. Cookies allow us to remember information about your preference and allow you to navigate our online environment more easily. The personal information we do in this way will not collect.
Our website may also use other ways to monitor which pages you visit, again in order to understand how customers use our page.



Does Inten share my personal names with third parties?


In exceptional cases, Inten may share your data with third parties. For example, if they perform any service for us – notifying you of events/offers that are coming from you. In such a case, the third party is obliged to use the information you provide only for activities that we have authorised.



Do I have a choice of how my personal data is used?


If your information is used to send newsletters and you wish to opt out, you can do so immediately by following the information contained in each newsletter or by visiting our website.


How can I update my personal data?


Inten would prefer to have your specific personal information automatically renewed when you perform any action (such as a price inquiry). You can also notify us directly by e-mail for changes in data.



How does Inten protect my personal data?


Inten takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. You have access to your data by trained people who use it only for the purposes described above. The information provided by you is in a secure location. We periodically carry out security checks.



Who to contact if you have questions or problems?


For further questions about our security, please contact us at info@inten.ee



Can these conditions change?


In developing their services and online environments and introducing new technologies, these conditions may change. In this case, we will update the above information or notify you in another appropriate manner.