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Impact severity

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The severity of the collision is an index that evaluates the impact of A hit in the event of an accident and is divided into three classes from A to C. The higher the impact on the occuper, the greater the severity of the impact. A is the best determinable level and C worst. To calculate gravity, two parameters are evaluated: the acceleration determinant (MATTER) and the theoretical Head collision Speed (THIV) (see table).

* The acceleration determinant (MATTER) is the main parameter for determining the severity of the collision. To calculate it, the accelerometer is installed in the mass of the car and measured against the impact of the shock in the road restraint system. The value of the THING is measured at the time of the impact and the impact severity is determined by the maximum value.

* The theoretical head Collision Speed (THIV) has been developed to assess the severity of impact on road users. The rider is considered as a freely driven object and if the vehicle changes its speed at the moment of impact, the driver continues to move from the vehicle to the collision with the vehicle interior. The following table describes the permissible maximum values for impact severity and Acceleration factor (ASI) and theoretical head collision Speed (THIV).


Impact severity

Table "Collision Grades"