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Collision guards are passive road safety measures designed to accept short-term dynamic loads and to be dampable in the event of a traffic accident. The point of the collision is to ensure the highest possible safety in places that may pose dangerous situations or pose a risk to road users. Safety on the road has been very topical throughout the ages. There are also different criteria for setting up bounce partitions in Estonia. The correct collision must be used on different roads and bridges, and the selection is made according to two instructions. The EVS-EN 1317 standard is used and the road Administration's Guide "Guide for Passive safety on roads with vehicle restraint systems" is also in use.


Instantaneous loads can be safely absorbed by the restraint systems only if the direction of their effect is toward the boundary profile and at the same time along the boundary profile. As a result, the limit system may not be encumbered as intended.

It shall be prohibited to encumber the restraint system from any direction:

* From the rear by the front (road axle) toward

* Vertically from top to bottom (e.g. in the totalground of any materials, in the course of the winter care system, the accumulation of snow


Similarly, the vertical encirability of the restraint system in the case of weakly bound surfaces is also not desirable, since, as a result of the loads, the boundary poles may gravitate deeper into the soil, thus the height of the limit system changes to the roadway level and the restraint system becomes unsatisfying to Stadard EVS – EN 1317.