Inten OÜ

IBAN: EE902200221061048194

About us


Inten OÜ was founded in 2006 and provides different safety solutions for traffic and warehouses. We provide professional service to our customers – consultation, production, distribution, installation and maintenance service of different safety products. Over the past 10 years Inten OÜ has provided comprehensive safety services to a wide range of public and private clients.

Inten OÜ started with the production, installation and maintenance of the guardrails and warehouse bollards. Today we offer a wide range of safety products and service:

– Steel products: guardrails, railings, fences, barriers, bollards
– Warehouse safety bollards, barriers, corner protectors
– Safety mirrors
– Warning lights
– Road and floor markings
– Speed bumps
– Event equipment: cable protections, barrier tapes
– Urban architecture

Inten OÜ secret of success is our team, who is highly motivated, professional and passion about what they do. Every team member is important, we value positive attitude, loyalty and hard work.


Contact us and we’ll help you find the right solution for your needs!

Why are we the best choice? + -

Inten OÜ is first and largest guardrail service providing company in Estonia. We offer to our customer consultation, installation and maintenance service.  We have the best experts in this field, who find the best solution for you!

Personal customer service! + -

We provide fast customer service, because our specialists communicate directly with customers. Direct communication will avoid loss of information and is time effective. Our customer comes first and we find the right solution for every customer.

Full-service in one place! + -

Every client has different needs. We have solution for everyone – private and national institutions. We provide professional consultation, production, distribution, installation and maintenance service.

Fast customer service! + -

We generally answer all inquiries within 48h. Within this period we:

  • Acquainted with the project
  • Find out the best solution
  • Prepare and send the price offer
Best products with best prices! + -

We guarantee excellent customer service and best products with best prices.

Quality check and warranty! + -

We pay great attention to the quality, which ensures our product warranty. Length of the warranty period depends on the product.

Satisfied customers! + -

Customer satisfaction plays an important role for us. Many our customers are loyal to us this is the best indicator of customer satisfaction.

Special solutions! + -

We manufacture most of the guardrails and we have great partners all over the Europe, together we will help you to find the right solution for your needs.