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Petrol post driver

Post driver
Post driver for Fence Posts
Easy Petrol Post Driver
Petrol post driver
Petrol post driver

Petrol post driver

Easy Petrol post driver an innovative and very handy tool for driving in posts and piles in the soil. It is suitable for installing the home garden poles, plantations of fruit trees, animal posts, traffic poles, events in tent piles.

Very small vibration thanks to specially designed handles and vibration-suppression shock mechanism. The ergonomic Cushing handles and low-level centre of gravity make handling comfortable and allow working with the device throughout the day. High quality aluminum and steel details ensure long life.

In Rams garden posts in the soil, you can also save time by digging as well as backfilling.


Technical data:

  • Fuel consumption 0.71 L/hour (7.000 rpm at)
  • Honda 4-Stroke Petrol engine GX35 1.0 kW
  • The impact of Vaiaramm 26 Joules
  • 1720 beats per minute
  • Small vibration 9 m/s ² (Ø100mm for postal rambling)
  • Posts Ø 10mm – 100mm
  • Weight 15.3 kg


General Construction


Installation of fence posts, installation of traffic mail, the hammer of the tent piles, establishment of a vineyard, planting of fruit trees