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Floor Marking


In terms of safety, the labelling of floors is of major importance, often controlled by job protection inspectors. Clearly labelled and marked floor space improves safety at work and reduces travel and human collisions in the working environment. In addition, a properly marked floor is visually well traceable and helps to control production better.


The floors of production and warehouse buildings are generally marked in the following areas:

  • Escape route
  • Forklift and footpaths
  • Loading places for commercial cars
  • Different Pallet storage Locations
  • Machine Tools
  • Storage sites for semi-finished products, manufactured products, residues
  • Places where goods may not be stored, for example in the provision of fire extinguishing devices and exits


For the marking of floors, we use both colours and wear-resistant markings, depending on the wishes of the customer and the characteristics of the floor area.