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Soil drilling


We carry out soil drilling to facilitate the installation of fence posts, tie boxes, boundary posts, starposts and most other installations that need to be installed in advance into the soil in order to drill holes. With a hydraulic earth drill, we can drill holes of up to 300mm in diameter with a maximum depth of 1, 2m.

Installation of fence posts

Many people have taken the trouble of the fence posts with the shovasses themselves to complain. If, for example, the overall length of the fence is 500m and the poles step 2m, then you must dig closer to 250 holes. Each hole should be at least 60cm deep and wide enough to install suitable gardening and backfilling. This work will take a lot of time and layover when digging a shod. Using Earth Drilling Service, the work can be done quickly and accurately, keeping together the precious time of both its own and its friends.


In case the soil is very tight and hard, it is definitely worth thinking about the rambling service of garden posts. By letting the fence posts in the soil, you can save time by making a mixture and a mixture for securing garden posts.